“What You Can’t See, Does Hurt Her”

You see her posts on social media. The photos. The people. The places. Goodness, she’s already traveled over 13,000 miles in 2022 alone. On the surface her life looks fun. Her life looks exciting. She always seems to look happy and healthy. She looks like she is at the top of her game.  She…is me.… Continue reading “What You Can’t See, Does Hurt Her”

The #51andjustbegun Tour Hits Vegas

Cuddled up in my cozy (yet rather matronly bathrobe) … it’s 11:00 am on Friday, February 25th. Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m nestled in the type of robe your grandmother wore. No frills. Just a girl sipping chai tea from her favorite tea cup.  This mornings setting is a far cry from last weeks Vegas… Continue reading The #51andjustbegun Tour Hits Vegas